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Helicopter torque

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35 people were just reading this, but no one responded, so I guess I'll take a whack at it. Even with a stuck right pedal the tail rotor is still producing anti-torque thrust (just not enough to keep the nose straight) so when you roll down the throttle main rotor torque is reduced, which in turn reduces the amount of anti-torque you need, so the nose yaws left.

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In a hover auto show r simulated stuck right power approach what makes us yaw left when we roll off throttle?


Too much left pedal applied following the throttle chop or lack of right pedal, #1 common error. Moreover, just too much positive tail rotor pitch remaining vs. the level of torque.


Power Failure in a Hover, Common Errors:


1. Failure to use sufficient proper anti-torque pedal when power is reduced.


2. Failure to stop all sideward or backward movement prior to touchdown.


3. Failure to apply up-collective pitch properly, resulting in a hard touchdown.


4. Failure to touch down in a level attitude.


5. Failure to roll the throttle completely to idle.


6. Failure to hover at a safe altitude for the helicopter type, atmospheric conditions, and the level of training/ proficiency of the pilot.


7. Failure to go around if not within limits and specified criteria for safe autorotation.


REF: Helicopter Flying Handbook Page 11-7

Chapter 11: Helicopter Emergencies and Hazards

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