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Looking for UK pilots with CAA parachute permissions

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Hi all,

I am one of the first paraglider pilots in the UK to be granted a CAA Display Authorisation. I'm keen to promote and raise awareness of the sport by conducting aerobatic displays at airshows, as well as giving the public something different and unusual to watch. But I need a drop ship...

Within the sport of paragliding there are tried and tested, recognised exit methods from both helicopter and balloon aircraft. These are routinely used in various countries for air displays so that the paraglider pilot can exit the aircraft (like a parachutist) to then perform a routine in the display box.

I am looking for pilots who currently have, or would consider getting CAA dropping permissions as well as suitable aircraft with a dropping provision in the flight manual or that has been approved by the CAA for the dropping of persons. The aim would be to perform in various air displays across the UK.

Perhaps that might be you, or you may know someone who fits, any information would be greatly appreciated. I'll also provide more specific details on request.

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