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Low Level Rating

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Just saw an ad for a 22 pilot, couldn't tell which country, but they required some kind of low level endorsement?


I've heard of a night rating, and of course type ratings for the 22 and 44, but this is a new one on me.


Anyone have any idea what you have to do to get a low level rating?


,...and just how many more ratings are there outside the States?

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In Oz, the new rules (designed to make things easier) require you to be trained and tested, separately, for absolutely everything. All the sequences we were trained in with the military, such as low level, winching, external loads, formation, rapelling, gunship tactics and so on all need these new ratings. And the person doing the test may have barely qualified himself, and us old heads have to put up with the ignominy of a young pup holding our future in his pen. Desthhhpicable! as Daffy would say.

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I have a pilot this week doing an FAA commercial conversion from an Austrailian Commercial. He holds this low level rating. It is a rating qualifying him to operate helicopters below 500' AGL, for such things as pipeline/powerline patrol, surveys, longline work etc.


Basically one more test required for things you would be doing all the time anyway. :)

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