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Private vs Commercial written test

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Guest pokey

The key mindset to taking any FAA test: there are usually 2 right answers, one tho? is 'more righter'. Develop that skill? you will come close to 100 on everyone.


Process of elimination too, one answer is usually almost funny, the other? makes you think,,, then there are the last 2,, like a shark circlin' ,,, da da,, dah dah dah duh ! we gonna need a bigger boat !! and? there you have it !,,, as the Fonz would say: "the korrecko mundo answer"


does this always work? 9 times out of ten ! & especially if you know the material.



OH ! and one last but most important thing? ,, if you are unsure of an answer? leave it & come back to it-----heaps of times? the answer to that one will be found in another question.



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