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Cleaning House?


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Remember all the times you heard that the Vietnam era pilots were going to retire, leaving a pilot shortage?


75 pilot positions open at once is half again, if not twice the number I'm used to seeing.


Are those two related? I dunno, I retired last year (Vietnam vet)


Here's another- when you wanted to see what Air Methods used to call the OPL (open positions list) how was your experience??? Now do that 8 times at the front of the hitch, 4 or 5 times for every flight, 3 times for every flight request, and 4 times at the end of the day. And brief/debrief before/after the flight (included in above count) and at crew changes, another set of forms.

And pilots have it good. Medical does 2-3 hours of charting for every patient. The mechanic spends 2/3 of his time on the computer.

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They're bailing for 121 Regionals as fast as possible

Yeah, that happened in the '80s too. Never saw any of those guys again. IFR is a 'core skill', no supplemental for it, I would too.

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Some of those jobs aren't even posted on the company website and some don't have any information after you click the link. I'm assuming it was some sort of glitch that posted -which stinks because I saw a couple I was pretty interested in.

Well, that job site has never been all that trustworthy, I mean, sh*t, they had a post from Helislave just a couple weeks ago, and it was for a position that ended in September!


,...plus its not the first time they've had HEMS postings take up a full page or two!


Still, I love the idea that everyone's jumped ship for the airlines,...that's just way too funny! :)

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The contract requires that open positions be offered to present employees for two weeks(?) before external hires. My impression is that maintaining 2 lists was confusing, with one internal only and one seen by the world. Perhaps they'consolidated both internal and external with some 'listed; but only open and viewable to employees.

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