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Help! Two-Time Non-Select Seeking Guidance!

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I'll start with my stats...


Civilian Applicant

Age: 28

ASVAB/GT: 98/131

SIFT: 57

APFT: 287

Education: A.S. General Studies 2.6 GPA

Flight Physical: Stamped

LORs: CW5, Two Ret. Army O-6, Ret. Navy O-4

Flight: 15.1 hours/ 1hr solo

Military: None


Non-select for the January and March board. I revised my essay and resume, but it seemed not not to have any effect. I'm assuming those, my gpa and my LORs were my weak points.



Some other info about my education, my degree isn't officially posted until this May even though I finished the requirements this past December. I do have 92 credits towards my bachelor's at a 4 year university with a 2.3 gpa, but I was academically suspended because of some poor decisions on my part. I learned my lesson and am currently enrolled at a different 4 year university to complete my bachelor's degree in Aviation Studies with 42 credits remaining.


My work experience as a 28 year old is less than stellar. Securing a good job has been difficult without a degree and I am currently working retail. Because I pay for school out of pocket, I can't afford flight lessons.


A couple of my LORs were rushed. My recruiter was really pushing to get my packet in ASAP, but this was also my fault for not taking my time and securing others. A couple of my LORs, including the one from the SWO were written by people who only knew me for two months or less.


With this in mind, I have some questions going forward.


#1 - Can anyone give me a definite answer on how long civilians have to wait until they reapply after two non-selects?


#2 - Somewhat dependent on the first question, because my A.S. degree will be official in May and I will have completed a few other classes towards my B.S. in Aviation Studies. Would I be better off enlisting in an Aviation MOS and then reapplying as AD to compensate for my lack of work experience/poor academic history?


I'm really disappointed after being NS twice. Feeling a bit discouraged about applying as again as a civilian, but will definitely wait to do that if it is only 6 months. If I have to wait a year, I feel like my time might be better spent enlisted. I'm looking for any guidance this forum could offer. I will send my essay, resume and LORs to anyone who is willing to help.

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Enlisting will push you close to the age cutoff by the time your packet goes in front of a board. You can plan on being close to 30 by the time you finish training and get to a unit. Once there you will have to learn your job, work hard and prove yourself before you can submit your packet.

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That's kind of what I was afraid of happening. My recruiter keeps telling me that I can submit a packet as soon as I am done with training, but I know that is just him trying to get me to enlist.


Would you recommend focusing on school for the time being and improving LORs/Essay, then submitting again? 6 months out from now I would have maybe 30 credits remaining for my B.S. degree. 1 year out I would have 12 or so left. As of now I'm scheduled to complete my degree Summer 2020.

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He’s not lying to you outright. You can technically submit a packet right after getting to your first unit but I haven’t met a Company or Battalion Commander yet that will put their name on a letter of recommendation for a brand new private.


It’s a gamble either way for you, I don’t know which way would be more likely to turn out the way you want. If you look at enlisting to later submit a packet be 100% certain that you’re ok doing whatever job you get for the next 4-6 years if you aren’t selected.

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