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Antarctic heli-Tech positions: Looking for information

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Hello, vertical reference forum folks


Im an Experinced Wildland Fire Helitack Crew member whos looking for a heli-tech position assisting the National Science foundation in Antarctica for their 2019 summer flying season.


Ive been searching for information and have been running into dead-ends so I figured Id try I specific Helicopter forum hoping to make contact with someone in the know.


What Ive discovered/Know so far from my own slutheing:


Most recently as of 2018; The Antarctic contract was flown by PHI. They hired to assist with cargo and Slingloads positions they referred to as Heli-techs (Old job posting link below)



As of 2019, The contract was up for bid and was won by Air Center Helicopters international.

They were awarded the contact the 26th of April this year

(link Below)



Ive contacted ACHI looking for information via email almost 8 times now since April 26th and have yet to receive a response. I understand they are a big company and I am small potatoes; but Im hoping to find definite information about wether or not they will be offering similar positions as all Antarctic contractors have done in the past.


I did get information from a ACHI pilot via a reddit page whom said he figured they were only looking at hiring A&Ps, but it really didnt sound like he was directly involved in the new Antarctic program.


And to conflict even more Ive heard through the Helitack grapevine that a representative of ACHI was emailing folks last year seeking interest in heli-tech positions- But Ive yet to track down anyone with real contact information.


I know this is an Extremely long post, but Im running out of avenues to try to uncover information from.


Thanks anyone reading, any information is appreciated.


*Would have posted this in the career forum, but I figured it seemed pretty dead since the last post said November 2018*

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