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WOFT Packet on Hold

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I recently put my WOFT packet on hold as I pursued a different opportunity.


I completed MEPS, flight physical, and APFT, and then I moved across the country.


Will it be an issue to get things back in progress? Is my APFT under my "file", how does that work?


Last step I did was complete both days of my flight physical, but I never heard anything after that. Who do I call to find out if I was approved?


Can a new recruiter on this side of the country have access to all this info?

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Stuff done at MEPS is stored at that MEPS. But it can be requested by another recruiter you work with in another location. They'll be able to find out your results.


Other things done soley with a recruiter, like the APFT, may or may not have been uploaded to the electronic record you had with them. Sometimes recruiters don't upload everything they do with you right away to that record (until it's ready to submit). Even then sometimes that electronic record doesn't transfer well across from recruiting office to recruiting office. Depends heavily on the recruiters. The APFT may be worth doing again to improve your score and make it more recent.

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By regulation, APFTs are only valid for a year. The board wants your APFT done within six months that the board convenes. That being said, theres a high chance you have to redo your APFT if you continue to sit on your packet. Why would you go through this process only to pursue another opportunity? If you truly wanted this, youd submit the packet.


Did you even contact your recruiter at all that you were moving? Its fairly rude to waste his time like that. Most recruiters arent even patient enough to work through a WOFT packet from what Ive read on here. I was an Active Duty select so I dont know from personal experience, just from what Ive read on here.


You should do more research on this forum. Theres plenty of information pertaining to the flight physical.

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