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Helicopter Academy Reviews

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I'm a flight nurse looking to start a new career as a helicopter pilot and am currently searching for a flight school. I live in Charleston, SC. Has anyone had any experience with Helicopter Academy? Any other suggestions for flight schools in or near Charleston? I would appreciate any input!

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My advise is simple....do your research. When you see crap spoken about any place there is always more and well deserved.

When you see positive it’s also well deserved.

Pilots live for drama..as you are most likely aware...so why would we shy from it on forums.


Find a good 141 school. One that has altitude over sea level. One that’s got reputation for success. One that treats students like family. One that doesn’t brag like a douche bag.

Find a school that focuses on building industry quality pilots.


Be willing to move to go to it too. This is a gypsy industry. It takes time building hours before one can return to live where they vacation and work where you work.


As an example of a quality school, check into Silverhawk Aviation Academy in Idaho. I went there, taught there, attribute a lot of my success to them and the values taught I seek in the industry for employment...although the industry is much more ruthless than anticipated.

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Although I never did any training with Helicopter Academy, I did do some time building with them for a week once. To be honest I found chasing boats to be some of the most fun flying I've ever done in the "commercial" world.


If I could do it all over again (and had the stomach to be a cfi) I'd of gone with them.


Plus flying along the coast and over the ocean is the absolute best place to fly!


,...and I love flying the R22 Mariner. Wish we had one here. :)


Oh yeah, almost forgot. If you just happen to be one of these types who gets a chubby over high altitude flying? They do have these things called "lakes" many of which are up in the mountains where boats often hang about.:D

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