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Hello all, I have a concerning issue I need help with. I am currently completing my WOFT packet. I have my admin portion of my packet complete except for LORs. I still have to take the SIFT and the Physical. I currently require an AFS Waiver and a Moral Waiver. Today I was speaking with a Chief who told me he had to submit a medical waiver for ASAP. I asked him the back story on it. Basically he was refereed and the counselors determined he didn't need to attend. His waiver was approved. No issues it seems. He told me any other way was automatic disqualification.

I self referred to ASAP back in 2011 I placed into level 2 treatment which is considered abuse counseling. It has been 7 years since I have had alcohol. Has anyone needed or heard of needing a waiver for this? Do they get approved? Or is it like he said its an automatic disqualification? AR 40-501 does state that "documented abuse" is a DQ.

I am just trying to get a grasp on this, I have searched everywhere and haven't found anything about it except for the regulation. I just don't want to take the SIFT and waste Army money on a physical when the flight surgeon is just going to deny me. I will still push for another MOS if I cant. But I wanted to fly. I've already invested many hours into my packet and resume.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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The best person to contact in reference to waivers is the warrant officer recruiters. If its something medically related youre concerned about then schedule your flight physical and discuss it with the flight doctor. Dont worry about wasting the armys money if youre applying to a program to better yourself. The Army will take everything they can from you so get what you can from it. But I wouldnt try and rule yourself out no matter what the regulation says. Let the people who approve waivers decide that. Good luck!

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This exact situation happened to a guy in my unit. He is currently waiting out a required five years since he referred himself to SUDCC for alcohol abuse. It is waiverable. Since it has been seven years since the incident, you should have a chance. Dont worry about wasting Army money. Force the Army to tell you no. Do not self assess.


Also, dont spend any more time on the rest of the packet until you pass the SIFT and have a stamped Class 1 physical from Rucker. That is essentially putting the cart before the horse. Focus on the 25 meter targets rather than the 300 meter ones. Pass the SIFT. Then pass the Physical. Then worry about everything else.

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