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CFI Lesson Plans

Juz10 LEW15

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Hey you bunch of old salts! NUGIT pilot here, Im going through a CFI lab and lesson plans are a b!#ch. I am useing the PTS and covering every topic. The problem I keep having is running into things such as "Relationship between a pilot's physical or mental condition and vision." Other than talking about the eye and rhodopsin, and what not, I don't know what else to go off of. The PHAK and the Helichopta Flying Handbook only cover a small amount of nothing on many random topics like this.

CFI Notebook is more fixed wing based and doesn't cover many areas I have having trouble with.


Anyone have any suggestions other than "stop sucking at life/flying?"




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Well, I never became a CFI so my point of view on these types of questions has always been from a guy who has to open his wallet everytime he speaks with your kind,...and you guys are expensive, so,...


Just teach me what I need to know to pass the test, if I want to learn more, I know where the library is!


Personally I liked the Jeppesson Private Pilot Manual for all that "other stuff" (like what we need to know about vision and physiology) but, if its not in the FAA book don't worry about it.


Keep it simple,...and relevant!

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Have a look here:




CAMI (FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute) is a good source of information for physiology: http://www.faa.gov/pilots/training/airman_education/aerospace_physiology/


I’m a private pilot/owner PPL and don’t work in aviation, but did their full-day course in the US for a civilian HALO jump. Really interesting and fun day; we did it for the hypobaric chamber training which really teaches you a lot about hypoxia (not that helicopters go that high)

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