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Former Ranger FO chances of 160th out of flight school

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I know this has been discussed before and I searched for it and couldn't find the answer I was looking for so on that note. I am a former FO from 75th heading to flight in June-July timeframe and want to fly DAPs or AH-6's. My question is should I choose Apache based on mission set, or should I choose 60's. I have been told that it is easier to fly DAPs coming from a 60's background rather than a 64 and want to know either a current or former DAP pilots take on this. I am very committed to doing whatever I need to in order to get to 160th and fly one of those two aircraft even if I have to wait for one of the old guys to die or retire as I have heard is the case. I know 160th takes people out of flight school and want to know my chances and other then being top 10% and practicing distance bearing navigation on a  map and AMB prep what I can do to increase my chances. I am already intimately familiar with the mission sets and aircraft capabilities of everything in 160th but I doubt that will be of much help. Thanks in advance.

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Your chances are very slim but it is possible. I know guys who were selected out of all four airframes straight from flight school. I know several former rangers who were not selected out of flight school. Choose the airframe based off the mission you want to fly in the regular Army since you’ll very likely be in the regular Army for several years before being selected for 160th. Current requirements are Pilot in Command and 500 hours. 

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