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Besides good LOR's and decent SIFT & ASVAB, PT scores (etc) what can I do in this upcoming year that would make my packet standout more to the board? I'm just starting it but thus far it's relatively unimpressive In terms life accomplishments as I don't really do much with my days. What would be good examples of community work that I could do to add more cushion to my packet?

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Mine isn't submitted yet, but just start doing something. The packet process is long, so if you start doing stuff, you can add to your resume by the time you submit.

Go to a flight school and take a few lessons. If getting your PPL isn't financially viable, just get 5-10 hours in with an instructor and "change your mind". It's an easy way to show you're interested if you have some hours.. I was planning on doing something like that but got addicted, so I'm 20 hours into my PPL at the moment.

Find a volunteer association that interests you.  Working with vets, pets, both lol? Just get out there and do something with your days.

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