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Hello everyone I Just finished my WOFT packet I'm just wondering if I can get some insight on my possibilities of selection from current Warrant Officers and people recently selected. 

SIFT: 47

PFT: 249

LOR: SEAL Master Chief, SEAL Commander, Army Major, and my current flight instructor who is an ex ranger.

GT: 120

AQFT: 85

Flight time so far: 12 hours. But I will have at least 18 before I turn my packet in.

In all honesty I am mostly worried about my PFT because I know it's not that great. I know I can get it to at least a 280 in a couple months but I've already been getting my packet together for a year.  All I'm waiting for is to get my flight physical stamp of approval by Fort Rucker I would appreciate the help everyone theres nothing I'd like more than to be an army pilot. 

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