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WOFT and Army Reserve

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Hoping to get some wisdom based on the IP's and folks I've read from on this board. Most likely i'm doing this backwards, but I really enjoy flying and Army Aviation. I am considering applying for WOFT seat-street program and trying to evaluate the best options.

Situation: 30 years old, Married, no kids, no prior service. Engineer by trade, work as a GS DAC for the US Army as a flight test engineer doing helicopter R&D. Work with test pilots (XP's) every day. US Naval Test Pilot school graduate (test project engineer), BS/MS degrees. Have ~110 hours time front seat in UH-60A/L and UH-72's, been to WAATS, 5&9's tests, etc, familiar with ATM and 95-1 regs, some simulator time. Private Pilot, instrument rated, ~400 hours, own an airplane. Currently wear glasses, will require LASIK or similar. Would need to get in shape, currently don't meet the AR standards but could work towards that.

Requirement: I need to keep my day job since I get to work with some of the neatest R&D projects for Army Aviation, and fly with the USAR or NG.  I have a co-located USAR unit that flies 47's and a 60 unit that's less than an hour away. The WOFT looks like the best option, I might be the old man of the group but I can most likely deal with up 12-14 months of suck (did it once for USNTPS).

Researching looks like I'd drop to E5 pay for the duration of WOCS / IERW (no fun but perhaps manageable) but the big stickler I keep seeing is the 3-year active duty service obligation. I've tried to dig up USAREC Regulation 601-91, but no joy. I'm not positive the job would hold my GS slot for 3 years. The 6 year ADSO is not a big deal for me.

Any guidance and help would be much appreciated. Perhaps i'm missing another option. Local NG looks like a multi-year enlisted spot prior to consideration for a flight slot, but I need to ask the local unit still. Right now I'm in the supporting data gathering phase.

Thanks, and safe flight.




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I sent you a message I have the senior Aviation Warrant for the reserves contact info and he can get you set up. But also we can talk more on the guard thing I have contacts in a few states that may be able to get you around the enlisted BS and straight in as a 09W. Also some states will board you as an officer into the guard and a lot of the officers in the guard fly just as much as the warrants. 

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