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WOCS TDY and Return?

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Hello everyone. I am active duty Army and submitted my packet back on March 19th for the July board. I’ve asked a few warrants throughout my unit (which is not an aviation unit) if WOCS would be TDY enroute or return for flight warrants. I’ve received conflicting answers and while I know I’m by no means guaranteed to get selected to begin with, I’d rather be prepared and have an idea of how things would go for planning purposes if I am lucky enough to get selected. So if that were to happen and I get selected, would I go TDY to WOCS, come back to my unit to clear (which is in Japan), and then head back to Rucker to begin the flight school pipeline? Or would I clear my unit before ever leaving for WOCS and I’d stay at Rucker for the entire process of candidate school and flight school? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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