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Fort Rucker Physical (low contrast sensitivity waiver)

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I have seen some general posts regarding a Class 1w flight physical upon arrival to Rucker, but none specifically referring to waivers regarding low contrast sensitivity. I had PRK years ago which caused significant low contrast (Night Vision) issues in my right eye below the 20/60 standard. However, I have taken two flight physicals successfully without a waiver (not sure how). However, I am concerned upon arrival to Army flight school and them conducting a low contrast test subsequently flagging this issue. Is this generally considered a waiverable or do they just breeze through the night vision portion and ask the obligitory do you see halo's/blurriness question and move on...Thanks for the assistance

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That would be the logical conclusion. The only reason I am worried about it is because I think the reason I passed was the Dr. good graces. I am starting to come to the conclusion I may have to try and go to a civilian Dr. to figure out how to overcome the contrast sensitivity portion         . I know they say it can be corrected again with PRK, but I just wanted to get a feel for it at Rucker before I take that drastic step considering I passed the physical before. Do you know how they test the contrast sensitivity portion? Is it with both eyes open?

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