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Submission Deficiencies Question

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Interservice WOFT applicant, got an email after submission. One minor correction but the other two I'm somewhat confused by:

1. My CO and OIC letters of rec were memorandum format, they say I need to submit on UF 3.3s, which directly contradicts instructions on the WO recruiting website (when it comes to interservice applicants)

2. A request I obtain a "memo from Marine Corps that they will match WOCS date for contract extension"

I have an approved DD368 and associated conditional release letter, massive pain to get, I submitted an ETS ETP request with my packet due to less than 12 months TIS remaining (sitting at 10 months currently). In the ETP I explained HQMC had rejected an earlier Conditional Release request with the explanation they wouldn't approve one without me being within a year from end of active service.

Aside from confusion that this is the first time I have seen or heard anything regarding such a memo, the Marine Corps extension process takes 2 to 4 months making me ineligible for application to the program until I get out, and as far as I or my career planner is aware I would need an exact date I am extending to, not some ethereal "If I get accepted, the WOCS date that the Army assigns me."


Has anyone ran into any similar issues? The best I could think of was emailing them back pointing out that (1) the website states that I can use memo format and (2) the point of an ETS waiver is the lack of time remaining in service. If I could extend I wouldn't be requesting the waiver. If someone has a copy or understands what they're asking for for #2, I'd love to take a look at it.





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I am interservice and I used the 3.3 for my CO. Make sure you follow the sample 100%.. and provide all the info asked for in the narrative block... I failed to include writer's name and unit info etc.  and my helping WO said that LOR probably got overlooked on my first look. Attention to detail is very important in the packages.

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