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Average Time to Comm. Add-on

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Hello, I am just finishing up my Commercial Add-on Helicopter. I have about 3000 fixed wing with ATP single multi. What is a good average time for certificate? I seem to be having some difficulty in the autorotation areas. I knew it would take more than the 141 school advertised, just curious what a national average is. Any Ideas?

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If I recall, you only need 50 helicopter hours for a commercial add-on. It's not a lot of time to meet standards. One day autos will click, probably like it did for a lot of your airplane stuff. I did some private add-ons and 40 hours was on the lower end. I did a few commercial add-ons, too but they came to me with some previous time. Anything over 75, I would think about another instructor. Maybe even try one now just to get a different perspective.

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On 12/10/2020 at 2:31 PM, fftoto said:

Thank you for  the input. I am in a 141 so 50 makes it sound a bit better. For 141 it is 35 plus 5 in sim. Hoping to be done by 50 but cutting it close. The school has had me go through different instructors just based on scheduling, that has helped a bunch. 


Check out ‘The Little Book of Autorotations’ by Shawn Coyle. May help shed some light on why certain things are happening during the maneuver that are catching you off guard.


Cycling instructors for maneuvers training is always a good idea too. Stick with it, you’ll get it.

We all had at least one maneuver that gave us trouble. For me, it was holding a constant orbit and assessing approach / departure paths w/ confined areas. It’s a really simple thing to do, but as a student I had a heck of a time compensating for wind drift and flying a clean orbit. Eventually the ‘lightbulb moment’ happened.

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Hey thanks, I will look into that book. I just got “Principles of Helicopter Flight” by Wagtendonk. My checkride is tomorrow AM so I will let you know! Right at 50 hrs total. Autos got much better in last few lessons. I feel ready and much more confident with the 180.  

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Hey, I am happy you stuck with it! I just took my check ride 2 days ago and passed. I am right at 50 hours. That was flying nearly every day for 3months except weekends. 

According to my flight school, no one has done an add on in the 141 times. Helicopters are one, if not the hardest, thing I have learned to do. 

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