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Looking to get a little bit of feedback on a WOFT essay. First draft looking for some feedback to help get it into shape. I did research before posting so hopefully it isn't totally garbage. 


Why I want to be an Army WOFT Aviator


            The primary reason for me wanting to be an Army Aviator lies in the fact that I have a strong desire to serve my country in what I believe is a higher capacity than what I have done so far. I had a great deal of fulfillment from being an Avionics technician in the Navy working on the H-60 helicopter for 7 years. Seeing the versatility in the mission set of helicopters is an amazing feat to witness. From Medevacs, SAR, Submarine hunting, the list goes on. I see this versatility with one helicopter and the possibilities in the Army are even greater.

Personally, I want to fly and support the men and women on the ground who rely on competence in the air to assist them, whether this be in the form of combat support, medevacs, reconnaissance etc. The responsibility to be the person in the sky that troops rely on is a task I embrace with open arms. This, coupled with my history of being a highly successful and sought out avionics technician on a rotary platform, can provide me the necessary tools to be a highly successful flying Warrant Officer for the Army.

My strong background in aviation will assist me in being a vital asset to the Army, but with that my determination as well. Upon separation from the Navy I enrolled in a University in pursuit of an Aviation and Aerospace Science degree. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA balancing full time school, full time work, and maintaining high physical fitness has been a challenge but also an attestation to the motivation I possess to achieve goals.

In addition to the admiration for rotary wing versatility and a desire to support the boots on the ground, I also have a great respect for the Army Flight Warrant Officer community being the subject matter experts in rotary wing aviation. While it is understood that being a subject matter expert does not mean knowing everything, I do believe it is a badge of honor to be sought out by all ranks high and low for inquiries regarding helicopter aviation.

It in these reasons that I hope to convey to the board that I do indeed have the background, motives, and sheer determination required to be an asset to the Army Flight Warrant Officer ranks if selected. My background, high evaluations while in the service, high GPA while in school accompanying a busy schedule are all evidence of the traits I possess that I believe drive a successful candidate.

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