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WOFT Packet Questions

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Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I am pursuing a WOFT selection, and I have recently passed the SIFT. I have a few questions about my packet as I gear up to submit it in the next 5 weeks in order to be eligible for the July 2021 board.

First, do I have to go to MEPS and get a flight physical? (Only reason I ask is because my inexperienced recruiter told me I only needed a flight physical and regular MEPS wasn’t needed which didn’t sound right). 

Secondly, I have done a considerable amount of research from previous applicants who all had to submit a DA photo as well as a APFT score in their packet. However, I have heard that those two things are no longer required for review by the board, only to qualify the packet to be reviewed. Can anyone confirm that? Lastly, does anyone have the updated checklist for 2021? I couldn’t download it from the website. 

thank you for your help!

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I just recently finished my Flight Physical for my WOFT packet. 

First I had to do MEPS which was just a regular physical. I then had to go to a base that had a flight surgeon so I could do my flight physical. The closest base to me was 10 hours away and I had to go on 2 separate occasions. For me there was a flight physical part 1 and part 2. Those were spaced about a month apart because they wouldn't schedule the second part until results were back from part 1. 


If you want a full walkthrough of everything I have had to do feel free to send me a private message. 

I will tell you everything takes longer than you expect. 

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