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WOFT Civilian FW Pilot-Tips?

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Good evening!

I am a civilian pilot (King Air 350 SIC) working on a WOFT packet for a local Reserve unit that flies the CH-47. I am still early on, my only contact is the recruiter though I am about ready to take the SIFT. What general advice do you have on putting a packet together and what are the selection rates looking like in FY21? (Sidenote- located in the Midwest and I would love to discuss this with current pilots in the area)

Thank you! 

Age: 22

Commercial ASEL/AMEL/IR-A/BE300

Eagle Scout, numerous volunteer experience

Education: HS, AS almost complete. 

Recommendation Letters: 

Army O-6

CW-3 (UH-1)

Captain (BE-300)

Designated Pilot Examiner

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Do your best but don't drag your heels, your goal should be to get a quality packet submitted as soon as you can.  If you have a weak point make sure you're compensating somewhere else in your packet.  Having some aviation experience is good but understand that it's somewhat irrelevant to what you're going to be doing in the Army, so in your resume/essay you can highlight your experience but don't focus on it.  In other words that can't be the only egg in your basket.

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My guess is your aviation experience will allay any concerns they might have about you succeeding in flight school, but will also raise some concern about split loyalties. Not saying that is right or wrong, but the guard/reserve has been weary of aviators who fly fixed wing commercially as many have prioritized their airline careers over getting their army flight hours. I’ve talked to people who were asked about this during their aviation boards. That is to say — have an answer ready. 

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