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General Advice - ANG to NG medical DQ

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Hey all, first post and I hope it doesn't come off as rambling.


I'm just coming off of a medical DQ from the ANG side of the house. Was picked up to fly fighters by an ANG unit but got hosed at Wright Pat for having Covid-19 during the flight physical (childhood asthma tests, etc). I still obviously want to fly aviation and look very highly at the WOFT program. Looking at some guard bases in Colorado currently to pursue this. I saw another poster on here with similar circumstances coming from Navy to Army. I don't even know what I'm asking right now tbh. I worked so hard to become a fighter pilot for over 5 years for everything to come crashing down in 1 moment. A dream gone. Though I am still looking to the future, I am fearful of having an attitude of "oh helos are ok, but I wanted fighters". I really want to fly helo's now for the Army but am scared about those thoughts internally that pop up. I know this is more of me needing to do soul searching but does anyone have any advice?


Thank you in advance.... I'm pretty humbled by all of this and would love to be apart of your community.

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COVID shouldn't DQ you, but definitely want to get a negative Covid test before going to get your physical done. They're different medical system so if WOFT is something you're after you'll be fine. You may want to try and get another physical done with where you are before you throw in the towel if you've already been accepted for fixed-wing.

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