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Age Waiver for Reserve Component

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Worst they can say is no. We had an age waiver at my board (38yrs) and he was not accepted. However, that was during the height of COVID in 2021 when there was a backlog of candidates awaiting flight school slots. I know of a 37 yr old that was accepted a year or two before that. 

Worst you can do is try and get denied, definitely is possible. I am in the AL National Guard, so it will obviously vary by state if that's the route you're going. I imagine active is more difficult for an age waiver, but I'd be speaking out of turn there.

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On 8/10/2022 at 8:28 PM, ftxag76 said:

Hello everyone!

I have been receiving some mix messages across the board and want to know if anyone has visibility or even been granted an age waiver. Anyone know how long it takes for it to be approved (or denied)?




I'm 37 and my age waiver was approved in September of 2022, this year. I started this process in August of 2021, got selected in January of 2022 and the waiver took until September of 2022. It goes from your selecting command to NGB to Proponent to Headquarters and back. NGB took around 4-5 months and will be the biggest hang up. Good Luck and go get it.

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