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Lasik on Monday...


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I know there are a few folks out there who have had LASIK. I'm scheduled to get it done on Monday. The same guy who did Tiger Woods is performing my surgery so I know I'm going to a legit place. Been trying to find some more articles on the web with respect to avaitors and LSAIK but they all seem dated. I know the process for returning to flight status with the FAA but has anyone ever heard of a pilot not being hired based on the fact that they have had LSAIK?


Would PHI, ERA or an operator along those lines not hire beacuse of this surgery? I have read that it's up to the individual airlines on whether they will hire you based on your past vision surgery. Just curious as to what the thoughts are out there on this.


Thanks! Fly safe.


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I had LASIK done about a year ago by the same people (TLC?). I had the monovision done and paid extra for the use of the Wavefront Laser. Monovision is where they correct one eye more than the other so you don't need reading glasses. Wavefront is able to more accurately map the eye surface and is supposed to give a better result. It works pretty well. It took awhile to get used to - actually a couple of months to really get used to it. On really dark nights when there is little contrast I feel more comfortable driving (or flying) with a pair of specs.


I just passed my Class II medical 10 days ago and without a corrected vision requirement. The process is so quick and simple it falls into the "miracle" category. I think you will be happy with the result!

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