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becoming a pilot

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i've wanted to become a pilot the whole of my life and i haven't been able to find a suitable and reasonable way to do so. when i say become a pilot, i mean as a career. not something to do as a hobby or from time to time. the thing is, most companies want their pilots to have at least 1000+ hours of experience at a minimum before even thinking about taking them on. where i live, to rent an r22 for 1 hour it costs about $230. do the math, it's scary. getting your private and commercial rating is reasonable, but still plenty expensive. about 30-40 grand at my local school. but that's no where near enough hours to get a job. how do you get the hours in? join the military? also, does anyone know what it takes to become a military helo pilot? thanks a lot.

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The most common "time building" position is to be a flight instructor. I would say it has to be over 90% of professional pilots (those who fly for a living) built their time as an instructor. To get an instructor job, you usually need 200 hours or a little more. This should be nearly accomplished by the time you train from Private to CFI.



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Hello james28,


If 28 is your age? You are too old for the USAF. I am not sure about the others. All but the Army require a BS degree, you go to OCS first, and then you go to flight school. Could be up to 2.5 yrs before you are a rated pilot, not counting college if you don' t have a 4 yr degree.


The Army has 3 ways to be a pilot.

1. Go officer, need a degree or I think at least 90 hrs min.

2. Civilian to Warrant, hardest way.

3. Army enlisted to Warrant, this is the most common way to be a Warrant.

Either way you need to be less than 33 yr old to not need a waiver and decent eyesite. Some eye problems can get waivers I hear.



Check out these links.

MOS 153A

Warrant Recruiting Homepage, go to the Warrant Quick links in the middle of the page and select Civilian WOFT Applicants.


Good Luck...

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