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Study Materials, and a Hello

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Hi guys,


I'm new here, and interested in becoming a helicopter pilot in the next couple of years. My goal is to train up through CFII.


I'm interested at this time before I start school in getting materials for studying at home. I'd like to learn as much "ground school" as I can before I actually enroll officially in a school. I'm hoping that the time spent learning at home will make learning at a school a little faster, and more rewarding.


I've at this time picked Aviation Specialties Unlimited as the school I'm interested in for the future, and they have a Schweizer, so, I've purchased the Jeppesen Deluxe Helicopter Kit. It's tailored for the 300.


I've also purchased the FAA Rotorcraft Handbook, and I have also purchased Aviation Weather - a Jeppesen book by Peter F. Lester.


These are all on their way to me right now.


Are there other additions I should purchase? Or is this a good start?


FWIW, here's a couple pictures of me on my discovery flight a couple of weeks ago at ASU.






Videos too :)



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Hi guys,


I'm new here, and interested in SNIP SNIP SNIP.....


Welcome to VR. You'll getlots of good advice here.


This thread has lots of FREE aviation bools and study stuff.. check it out.





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Welcome to VR


I'm still a newbie, but VR will become a useful tool throughout your flight training. I have about 36 hours in the schweizer's. I'm close to getting my liscense but I have to wait until I'm 17. I'd just like to say good luck and hope you have fun while also learning. It's a good career path and you'll enjoy it a lot.



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Welcome to the forum. There are alot of good people here. If you can, search around for Flingwing206's posts. He's no longer with us, but his posts were always very informative to us noobs. Hang around and when those days come where you get discouraged with some aspect of your training, these folks will generally motivate you to get back behind the stick.

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congrats on making the jump, best of luck. i know if you look in the faq section in the general forum there's a list of study matterials and guides. as for books, it looks like you have a lot of it covered. if you would like something interesting to read i would suggest "learning to fly helicopters" by randall padfield and "the helicopters pilots handbook" by phil croucher. i liked em both, but you might want to wait a wihle to start the second book, it's a little more in depth. anywhoo, hope everything goes well.

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