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oil sweat and rigs


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so i was watching a new discovery channel shows called "oil sweat and rigs" today about the life of the rouchnecks that work on the rigs in the gulf. and of course i got to see a couple of air log choppers transporting people to and from the rigs. just wondering if gomer pilot or anyone else that flies gom knew about this, maybe you've been on t.v. and didn't know it!

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Been out filming for agaes. Picked up a guy some time last year for the program off an apache platform, and had two cameras on him and me. I was in a 206 at the time, one filming us in the cockpit, the other filming my takeoff - wanted to make sure I didn't do anything I would get fired for. They couldn't tell me if it would be in the series - and keep missing the time the show is on.


Still - if you start seeing PHI 407's and 206's on the show - post here!!!



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That's a really cool show. Watch it all the time, since it started. Now that I'm "in" the helo scene, it's even MORE interesting. "Hey, I KNOW that pilot!" LOL

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