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Robinson R66

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Turbines are coming soon to Robbie lovers. Rotor & Wing has the news in the April issue.


Rotorcraft Report: Rolls Unveils Engine for R66; Others Eye It, Too




Rotorcraft Report: Robinson Reveals R66 Program, But Not Much More



I really don't mean to be sarcastic ( a first for me !), but WOW..a 5 seat turbine helicopter..what a UNIQUE idea. Can't believe I never thought of it before...


I do know Frank wasn't terribly pleased with the whole turbine idea. He really wants someone to build a lightweight diesel...but there isn't one out there yet.



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from what i have read,


frank aint sayin much, but he wants to replace the old and tired jet rangers, 8 inch wider cabin than the r44 and 8 inch taller rotor mast on a two bladed system. no auto pilot and no specs on range, power, weight and all of that. he just said better than the r44 and the jet ranger. and ofcourse it will cost more than the raven 2 but he wants to keep the price cheap.. under 1 mil. possibly see the certification in a year or 18 months and even longer. not real specific. no pictures and no other data from what i have read, but they do have a program in place and it is very likely that we will see one...


By the way, I couldn't bring that specific article up, so I don't know if others can or not. so sorry about the synopsis if you already read some of it..

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