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Photos from the Field

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For the last several issues of Vertical Magazine, we have been running Photos from the Field. These are photos taken by you working your helicopters in the field. We have been overwhelmed with a deluge of excellent photography, but we need more!


I have been in contact with Rey (Vert Red Admin), and he said it was ok for us to extend an offer to Vertical Reference visitors to send us your images for publication in Vertical Magazine. Those selected each month will receive a free one-year subscription to Vertical, as well as receive payment for the use of the image once it has been published.


You can email photos directly to me mike@verticalmag.com or post your pictures here for everyone to see.


Can’t wait to see the images!


Mike Reyno


Vertical Magazine


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You two are great...If I can get both of you together (and Linda too), I'll buy a round just for the pure entertainment of listening to the one-upsmanship between such fine folks. I've yet to be disappointed with either (although, I wouldn't mind if either of the mags suddenly went to about 500+ pages per month for the same price...yeah, right).


Now, I have a recollection that the first person who catches the two of you at it on this site gets a free LIFETIME subscription to both rags...and Rey gets another one as well for good measure.


Mike (& Linda), congrats on the publishing award. Ned, I look forward to you getting the industry recognition soon as well.



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Both you guys do such a great job that I couldnt choose, so I get both your mags. Keep up the great work..



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