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I love these type of guys. Bubba and an online engineering degree....if that. I love the fact that they offer a dual engine capability in case an engine fails AND a ballistic parachute. Now they say the "aircraft" has gone 25 KIA up to altitude of 20'.. heck, you could practically jump at that those parameters without serious injury (although, with the Cuisinart under me, I'd be a little apprehensive). Don't even get me started about the practical application of a parachute at these ridiculous low altitude flight envelopes.


Oh, and I love the statement that they would "probably" require a Sport Pilot Licence to fly. These guys are just friggin' clueless. They havn't come close to getting any FAA endorsement for these things, much less any type of experimental licence. These guys remind me of the "gyro-scooters" and "gyro-copter" plans you can buy from the ads in the back of comic books. I guess they are this generations version.


I'll agree with the earlier poster, I'll watch you try to fly one first.

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Bayou- Best part is its not even an original idea. Stanley Hiller built a couple different models of the exact same thing 50 years ago !! Goldy

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