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R22 Crash


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Helicopter Crashes into Ocean


Last Update: 6:44 am




A man is now recovering after the helicopter he was piloting crashed into the ocean. It happened near MacArthur Beach State Park in North Palm Beach - and brought first responders from several agencies rushing to the scene.


NewsChannel 5 was the only station to get video of the James Kvilhaug of Miramar being rushed away to Saint Mary's Medical Center by Trauma Hawk.


He's in stable condition and is expected to recover.


Kvilhaug is a pilot in training with Silver State Helicopters LLC and was returning to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport at the time of the crash.


Still no word on the cause.


NTSB is investigating.


A Silver State representative came to the scene and coordinated salvaging and investigating with officials from the National Transportation Safety Board, North Palm Beach Police.


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On JH they said the 22 was hit by a bird, but not confirmed as of yet.


A bald eagle took out a EC-130 near the Grand Canyon last year, minor injuries to 3 people(took out most of the front windshield) It had a wingspan of 8 feet.....YIKES!



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The tail boom and main rotor looks intact. That means he did not land too hard...or he would have chopped the tailboom off. Probably did an auto, and ended up ten feet too close to the water.


Glad he pretty much walked away from this, whatever the event was that caused it.



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