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Actual IFR in Gulf...


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For you GOMers out there, how much actual IFR time would one get flying an IFR ship in the Gulf? I would like to fly EMS one day and am curious to know the best way to accumulate the actual IFR time that some SPIFR EMS operators require. Thanks...

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It depends on the job and on the PIC. Some PICs are terrified of actual IMC and will do anything to avoid filing and flying IFR. Some love it and will actively try to find a way to go IFR. Some customers allow it, in the sense that they will let you reduce loads to comply with IFR requirements, and some won't. I've flown IFR with SICs who had been around awhile, and had never been inside a cloud. It's really hit or miss.

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Gomer if you are SIC with PIC who avoids IMC or doesn't let you get much stick time, or whatever reason is it possible and/or difficult to change the PIC you work with? or is it more like you're stuck on a contract until you can bid for another contract?

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