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I did my first solo flight today.


Worked for about 20mins on pickups/setdowns to make sure they were smooth took one run through the pattern with the CFI and then set her down and out hopped my CFI. I then took off from parking solo for two runs through the pattern.


First time through was pretty smooth. My approach was a bit steep at the end, but all in all pretty good.


Second time through, prior to turning onto base, I checked left, forward, right. . .all clear did my turn and about 5 seconds later see a fixed-wing aircraft on final. Crap, didn't see him before.


I turn onto final and there's another fixed wing on taxi headed right through my approach path. I make the call that I see him and will side-slip and avoid for landing at A2. Did I make my call that I was coming into final? I think so, but maybe not.


I side-slip and get past the f/w and then line back up on the taxi-way. I'm a little steep (focused a bit too much on not over-flying the f/w and didn't get a good descent going). I adjust and then notice another fixed wing (the one I saw coming in) turning off the runway right at A2. He's not stopping so, I end up shortening my approach a bit and landing/hovering about 50ft short of my original intended landing point.


I suppose I could have gone around, but then I would have done 3 through the pattern and overflown the f/w or f/w in parking area. Anyway, I avoided him and dealt with some unexpected traffic on my first solo. I'm pretty happy. I did my job and avoided the F/W traffic :D.


I taxied back to parking and set her down.


It was only .3 hours but it was one of the best experiences of my life so far aside from getting married and having kids.


I actually wasn't expecting to go tonight since the helicopter that I was scheduled to fly was grounded due to oil temp getting too high and the other helicopter here currently was scheduled for a flight. I acutally stopped taking my final written test for ground school, took the pre-solo test, flew and then went back in and finished my final.


Busy but great day. Sorry for the long stream-of-consciousness post. Still a bit pumped.



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Ok, I'll send ya a "You go girlfriend" and two snaps too.


Trust me, it's gets better. Especially when you get that plastic PPL thingy.


Take care.



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Kelly: CONGRATULATIONS!! Way to go dude. What ship were you in?





Hey Marlon!


Thanks! I can't wait to get back up : )


I was in 4081E. KC had the problem with the Oil Temp getting too high. Going in tomorrow morning for my next flight so, not sure yet if it's back in the rotation.



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Congratulations! A huge accomplishment for all of your recent hard work.




Thanks Craig!


Couldn't have done it without your help.



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Thanks to all for the encouragement and congratulations. I'd like to spend more time responding individually, but it's a late night at work and I'm going to head home to get some sleep before flying tomorrow.


Thanks again to everyone.



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