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Weird R22


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It looks like it is just the blades that are from a 269 the rotor head is from a robbie. Notice how they fixed the lead lag hinge so it can function as a semirigid. Interesting, I don't think i'd fly it any higher than a hover.

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Funny, I was going to post this a couple days ago when I first saw it. It says that "some parts are off the 300" and some were "made by them". I'm guessing the rotor spindles were made by them.....why in the world would anyone want to fly this ???


Maybe its just me.


Did anyone see the 269 in parts, for sale for 7K ? Now that was a decent deal.



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Notice, too that one of the flapping hinge bolts is too short and doesn't protrude all the way through the nut. All the other nuts have red torque indicator daubs on them, but not that one.

I'd love (or hate, if it was me) to see what the FAA would have to say about this little parts amalgamation. :D


I was thinking the same thing but in one of the pictures you can see the same on the other side so i think that is actually the bolt head. Also if you look at his ebay feedback his most recent transactions have been from a place called Junky Joes. Coincidence?

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