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Ceramic Coatings for turbine exhaust stacks

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I have a 1986 MD500e which I really love but the exhaust stacks look horrible.




I have a 2007 Piper Meridian where the exhaust stacks look great and have been coated with ceramics to prevent discoloration (according to a mechanic).


I have been told that the exhaust stacks on the 500 can be sent off to get coated with a ceramic coating (Cerakote(?)) and I was wondering if anyone has had this done, is it legal to re-coat or refinish the exhaust stacks and who could legally do it, or does it matter who does it? In the end, it looks like the engine coating.


Thanks in Advance

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Might need to talk to the FAA on that one. All the ceramic coating will do is dissipate the heat more efficiently and quicker off of the exhaust stacks. Whether that would be considered a modification to the aircraft or not, I do not know. Might need to get some type of Air Worthiness Release made up for it possibly, or some type of statement of modification made up in the aircraft records. That would be about the extent of it that I could see.

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