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Aviator Wings

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I have an unusual question I would think. I wanted to know if anyone could refer me to a link or place where I could find information on pilot wings and the hour requirements for wearing the different types? I am specifically looking for in the "commercial" world and not the military. I don't know if that matters or they are all the same?

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I'm a snob, I won't wear the pretentious graded wings my employer provides. I wear my 1969 Army aviator wings.

The company, maybe program goes by years of service, 3 years for a senior, 5 for a master.

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Thank you for your service USMCGRUNT. I don't have an answer to question.


Wally, you have inspired me. I think I will wear my Navy helo flight crew wings from now on.


That's what I'd do. Although I don't have much cause to wear wings anymore, I worked really hard to earn these and barring the FAA giving us standard Civilian Wings I think they'll do just fine.



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