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IMC Autorotations

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This is a newbie question, cause I haven't yet found any info or discussions related to autorotations during IFR training. What are they like under the hood, or are they even practiced? I've only done a few night autorotations, with good visual references.

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They're pretty boring until you break out of the soup. At least when I was doing them under the foggles they were. Not sure I'd like to do em for real with a 200' clg or anything. Just sayin.


edit: the only semi-interesting one I did was on a stage check, over a lake. The CFI gave me an engine failure, told me to max-glide (in an R-44II) to land and then find my spot. I used the 430 to find my way towards where I figured there would be an open spot. 300 feet, I took off the foggles and it only took a little maneuvering to get to the spot.

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I was always taught to use a constant attitude auto fr an engine failure in the soup until you break out of the clouds. It gives you a lower rate of descent.


With regards to actually practicing them, once you get used to scanning the instruments it is fairly easy to do them. All you are doing is using the instruments to keep the attitude and airspeed in check.

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I don't recall ever practicing an auto in IMC. The only single-engine helicopter I've ever flown IFR was the UH1H, and we never practiced autos in IMC in the Army. We did fly the TH-13 for instrument training, but we didn't practice engine failure, and didn't fly in actual IMC. They do fly the TH57 in IMC now, though. In civilian life, the only models I'm aware of certified for IFR are twins, and autos are seldom practiced in those. I've done a few autos in the sim in 412s, and a couple of actual autos in the S76, to the ground, because you don't want to be messing with the overhead throttles. After the initial training, we never did autos in the 76 again. The chances of complete engine failure in IMC, if you're there legally, are very, very remote, and usually would only be caused by fuel contamination.

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