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Hey everyone,


Just finished up Basic (thank God) and am headed off to WOCS on January 2nd. I am in class 11-08, in case anyone else reading this is in my class. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on making though the stressful seven weeks that is Warrant Officer Candidate School. Ive got the SOP and Orientation packet, all one hundred and some odd pages, and am in pretty good physical condition. Any additional info for success and staying off the radar while there though would be great. I'm not really sure what to expect having heard some vicious stories.......





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Honestly, I found it easier than Basic. I went almost 4 years later, though, so...


The same stuff applies, though. Ears open, mouth shut. Know the SOP. How to do a greeting of the day "Sir, Candidate STATE YOUR NAME..." Do what you're told. Behave yourself.


Make friends with the people in your class. You're going to be with a lot of them for the next almost two years, and aviation is small....you'll see them again.

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The WOC SOP is the bible. Follow it to a T. Stencil all that you can before you get to 1st WOC. You will have a lot of inprocessing to do before you walk across the street. I know one of your TACs, as he was one of mine. You will have fuuuuuun.


In all seriousness, be on time, in the proper uniform, and work as a team. I will repeat this. WORK AS A TEAM. You are going into a 6 week class. Most will be brand new to the army, or young NCOs. Work together or the TACs will eat your lunch. When you get smoked, just remember, a sh*t load of us did this too.


Oh, and I don't think you are going 7min drills or a bag drag anymore which is f*cking BS.


If you need anything, there are a few of us here on post.


and remember "Sir, Strength in Knowledge, Sir"

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I think they stopped that in May or June, of course after I went through. Oh well. Either way, enjoy WOCS.



It must have been brought back for a VERY short time only, because I didn't get it, and none of the many warrants I know who went through after ~2005 did it, either.

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