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Landing in the DC Flight Restricted Zone


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If a pilot has a PIN to be able to land at the DC-3 airports (CGS, VKX, W32), is he/she allowed to land at heliports within the DC Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ)? What if the heliport is outsize the DCA-7NM ring but inside the DCA-15NM ring? (e.g. Metroplex Heliport [1MD6])


If not, who does one contact to gain such access?


There doesn't seem to be any published information on the web about this.

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If you are on a waiver that allows you to enter the 7nm ring around DCA you are okay to go anywhere within that 7nm area and the 15nm radius after filing the appropriate flight plan with FSS (subject to written exceptions on your waiver, of course!!!). Use 866-225-7410 to FRZ flight plans!


If you only have a waiver for the 15nm radius you cannot enter or land anywhere within 7nm DCA DME.


Everything you have to do and in which order you have to do it is mentioned on the accompanying letter. You will have to call 1) FRZ-FSS to file the flight, 2) the TSA followed by 3) ARTCC next door.


Things you will be asked are:

- Full name

- Aircraft ID

- Waiver Number

- Time frame (valid +-2hrs to enter/leave)


If you are looking to obtain that waiver, your best bet is to contact Flight Services and ask them for further information, they should be able to give you the appropriate phone numbers for TSA. Most of the stuff can be filed online.

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Your PIN number only allows you access at the DC-3. It's not going to cover you with regards to off airport LZ's. Good luck getting in the 7 NM ring of DCA as well. This is primarily off limits except for LE and Military.


I'm sure it can be done with appropriate waivers and circumstances... But my guess is that it will be difficult because even Dan Snyder doesn't fly to Redskins games anymore....

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