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Radio Communications vid:


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So, I have been studying for the last few days and decided to take a break and research more "settling with powers" vids and came across this video of which is great. Being a new pilot, and learning the ropes I have found my weakness to be in radio communications...gets a little intimidating at times for me. Great vid.



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Good video well put, the one thing we always point out is speech is also a visual thing we take in a whole lot of information visually when being spoken to.

A simplest every day example is "can you find xx for me" and the person starts looking, you have seen them starting to search, on the radio you have lost that visual clue you have to do the visual by giving the person a audio response.

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Now you're getting on track. ;) Verry good post, this is the kind of stuff newbies (or wanna be's) like me need to be seeing. I will watch it at least a few more times. Thanks for sharing!

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