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Motion Sickness in the Military

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Just wondering what people's thoughts/remedies for this are. I have only been up in a dinky little R-22 once. I didn't come anywhere close to puking, but I did notice some motion sickness. I just found myself getting a little dizzy, and kind of woozy. Uncomfortable really.


I'm still looking into the Guard for flight training, as it's what I really want to do. Is this feeling something that you just get used to after a few times? Like I said, I've only been in a chopper once. I've been in planes lots of times, but just the one r-22 experience. Does the Army have a program/help for this, or is this something that I'll find myself getting washed out for?


I kind of want to get this little stumbling block taken care of before I enlist. I don't want to go through all the hassle of everything leading up to training just to find out I probably won't get over this.

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I spoke with an Airforce Pilot about this once, he said its pretty common, and usually goes away after maybe a dozen hours, or so.


In my own battle with it, I find that eating something solid (like a sandwich, not fast food) before I fly (especially in the morning) helps a lot! Having fresh air (not the heater (that actually makes it worse)) hit me in the face also helps, so keep the nose vent open, and, whenever possible, take your door off!


They also say ginger helps, but I have no idea when to take it, or how much (plus it tastes terrible)?


Anyway, if you're normal it'll go away,...if your like me,...keep a vomit bag in your front pocket.


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I didn't come anywhere close to puking


Sounds like you handled your first flight better than I did. I was worried too because I got extremely sick on my first flight and my second flight was also a bit nauseating. But my third flight was only mildly uncomfortable and ever since then I've had no problems. You'll be fine.

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