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Had my 1st flight as a student pilot today!

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And it was a blast! I'm going through the flight training at Guidance Helicopters. Been in ground school for 2 1/2 weeks. Just logged a 1.2 as my first helo flight as a student pilot in an R44 RavenII! Probably one of the top 3 most exhilarating, fun, exciting, and intimidating things I've ever done. Scored a 10 out of 10 though! I had little problems hovering, and did quite well at it. I think the hardest part was shooting an approach while trying to maintain 300ft descent, 60 kts, then flare the nose while maintaining descent without running out of airspeed before reaching the ground, and keeping good sight picture on the landing spot. Straight and level and turns were kinda easy compared to the sim. Surprised at how VERY little input the controls require. Turbulent updrafts from mountains and hills from the 5-10 kt winds were intimidating at first. Next flight tomorrow!

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Good for you man! I remember feeling the same way about the minute inputs you have to make. The movies show the pilot churning butter! I can see the excitement in your post! Another thing that has surprised me is is how fast you learn, and how fast the time goes. It seems like I just started and I have 40 hours now. Starting night and cross-country! Every day is exciting when you get to fly! Keep having fun man!

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Flew again today! I'm doing really well at straight level flight, increasing/decreasing airspeed, and climbing/descending. Practiced high and low approaches today, along with flying the approach pattern and more hovering and pedal turns. I think the hardest part is final approach, landings, and takeoff. Coming into and out of ETL still has me doing things not very smooth. Ive got 30hrs this semester to get it though!

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