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Board Process and Flight Physical Q's

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I'm still a little confused about the process for the selection board. I'm shooting for the September cut-off for the November board, but I'm wondering what exactly happens before and after that. My understanding is that there is a local batallion board that I must appear and interview before, and then there's the final WOFT board that makes the decision. Is all that after the deadline? I mean, once I submit my packet, will I get scheduled for the batallion board, and then my packet will be sent up?


Also, in regards to the flight physical, how would I go about scheduling it myself. My recruiter doesn't want to send me until I can score at least 270 on my PFT (which I'm working on...shooting for 300). However, I've read that it takes 6-8 weeks to process, and it has to be in the packet before the deadline. I would like to just get it done and out of the way so that I can get it before the deadline.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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make sure you remind your recruiter that only a minimum of 60 points in each event is required to pass the apft. be aware they might be trying to enlist you or go the lazy recruiter route. show them the requirements and make them work for you. if they dont or are unwilling to do it i suggest changing offices or recruiters.


i just changed to my second recruiter in a different office and wow what a world of difference between the two. turns out according to the new recruiter, the old one had me on a fast track to enlistment and not to submit my warrant packet.


be patient and submit it only when its ready and 100%. dont aim for deadlines, do it when its right and ready.


hope that helps

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I read through the WOFT reg again last night and saw something interesting that did not stick out before. They are not "supposed" to schedule your flight physical until after the battalion interview.


Schedule the applicant to undergo a

Class 1 Flight PE only after favorable recommendation

by the Rctg Bn examining






See 3-2 item (12)

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I think they do that because of cost. My Guard unit started waiting to do flight physicals until the end of the process, because it was cheaper. They used to just give a physical to any interested party. Not sure exactly how it is panning out on AD these days.

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Sorry to bring up an older topic, guys, but have any of you actually done this? That is, the battalion board before the flight physical is complete?


I am wondering because of the inevitable delay with my flight physical due to my arm reach waiver, when I get to that point. If I could knock the board out in the meantime...



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