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This isn't related to WOFT but I figured everyone here would appreciate it. Below is an email i got from the flight school i did my FAA private with. Enjoy.



September 11, 2012 - On a late Saturday morning Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit's Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Sept. 1, the pilot came over the public address system and started to share information on the landing procedure with passengers.


As the pilots started their precision descent into the capitol area, the pilot read off the names of the satellite waypoints they would be passing through before the plane's arrival: HONNR (Honor), BRVRY (Bravery), COURG (Courage), MORLL (Moral), PLDGE (Pledge), WEEEE (We), WLLL (Will), NEVER, FORGT (Forget), SEPII (September 11), ALWYZ (Always), FRDMM (Freedom).


Designed by the FAA's D.C. Metroplex Design and Implementation Team, the waypoints were named to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack with anticipation of flying the procedures for today's 11th anniversary, as well as to honor U.S. soldiers sailors, airmen and marines who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Aircraft flying the FRDMM arrival from the northwest will cross the waypoints "WEEEE," "WLLLL," "NEVVR," "FORGT," and "SEP11" leading to Washington National.


On the TRUPS arrival from the southwest, aircraft cross the waypoints named "USAAY," "WEEDU," "SUPRT," "OOURR," and "TRUPS." Depending on the runway configuration, aircraft might pass through waypoints named "STAND" and "TOGETHER," or "LETZZ," "RLLLL," "VCTRY," and "HEROO."


On this day let us never forget the events that occurred 11 years ago.




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