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Forms and lor's

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Hello everyone I had a couple questions on the forms for the packet. I couldn't find any info on the USAREQ website. I am wondering if I should print them out and fill them in with a pen or if I should fill in the forms electronically online then print them to scan it in with my packet. Also the form for the LOR has a box in the middle of the page, is this where the interviewer/friend fills out the recomendation? Or is that to be done on a seperate piece of paper. If so is there a certain format or writing style that they should use while writing these letters? Any special headers or footers? Thanks so much guys!

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What Lindsey said. I used the USAREC forms for the two active duty officers that wrote me letters. They knew what to do, I just sent them the blank electronic form. I didn't fill any of the paperwork out, my recruiter had me provide a bunch of background info that he used to fill out everything electronically.

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