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Fly A MD500 X-Country 15+ Hours

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Hi one leg is left from Atlanta to Texas,contact me threw messaging or email,been traveling as for cost its same price as a R44!


These flights are for rated pilots only, who are looking to build turbine time, that is a MUST for a job( not counting instructing),my last girl who did 10 hours with us had 1000 hours total time and it landed her a EMS job flying a Bell Long-ranger, and thats all the turbine time she had.She knew how to start what to look at, and had gotten over what the hell am i going to do''''' when after her oral interview they took her out for a quick flight, if you never sat in a turbine let alone flew one your chances are allot less you will land a job in this situation, not that it doesnt happen.Putting turbine time on a Job application "PRICELESS" I want to thank all the guys who contacted me.

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It'd be helpful if you weren't so vague.


He's always vague, but not by design, just always in a rush or flying....I know several that have done these flights usually based out of VNY, all have loved the experiences and the prices are usually dirt cheap...somewhere in the R22-R44 range depending on the situation. If you're interested, previous posts list his cell phone number, I would call and get on the list if you're paying to build time anyway....



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Hi yes sorry Im a little vague, if you dont know how much a R44 Raven 2 rents for then this isnt for you,,, and if you do contact me and say I liked to get so many hours and have X$$ amount to work with we will work with you like we allways do it will end up being less than a R44 as always Thanks Goldy for the support.


369HS Facts

Cost Military about $22,000.00 each new.(R22 was called R22 because it also was to cost 22k)

Empty"Basic" weight less than a R22 HP/Beta Max gross weight

Max gross weight same as R44 but with 400 SHP!!!!

Can fly 60 Knots side ways

Holds US Coast to Coast No stop helicopter record carried 2x empty GW in Fuel.

MainTrainsmission weighs only 75 lbs

Main rotor design years ahead of its time (uses 15 stainless steel "straps" no thicker than a Buisness card to attach blades to hub)

Frank Robinson helpd with design of tail blades.

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When and where do I need to be for this mission.


Please contact me at my email: johnnymoncayo@gmail.com





For a four year old post,...I'm guessing in a time machine?

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