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I searched the forums for this info a few years ago. I can't remember the numbers, but between Alaska, Grand Canyon, & the GOM, Alaska paid the least.


My old DPE started at Temsco and he said he loved it. Also, Temsco holds a special place in my heart because they were the first ones to actually respond to my resume being sent. Rather than just sending my resume into the void and never knowing its fate, they sent and email saying it was received and under consideration or something.


Anyway, my advice is to search the forums for info on pay scales.

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Here's a link to Temsco's Pilot Employment page with most of the info you want.




I've heard the first season tour pay is $1500. month plus perdiem for food and they provide accomodation. Sounds like they pay your roundtrip airfare and an end of season bonus. This may have changed sunce I looked into it some years ago. Temsco Coastal and Northstar are now all under one umbrella. They mainly fly in SE AK for tours, Era does the Denali tours, and there are a number of R44 operators mainly in South Central AK. I'm going into my 4th season flying in AK so if anyone wants more specific info pm me. I know of some 44 jobs that are hiring now for the spring. The season is typically May to Sept.


I love flying in AK though the weather can be challenging, especially in the winter.

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Tips mainly depend on the pilot and we cannot ask for tips. Second year tour pilots should make more in tips. For the first year pilots it depends on their personality and what types of tours they end up flying.


I think the best tips come from the days you aren't trying hard to get them. It's funny like that.

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