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First Person View (FPV) RC Helicopter


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Absolutely one of the coolest things I've ever seen in regards to RC stuff...


The guy has a camera attached to the RC helicopter that is live linked to a pair of goggles. He sees what the helicopter sees, and that's how he flys it.


There's another one where he is near a train station, in his own little wire environment. Could be a good tool to show how dangerous wires can be as they disappear against the background.


Looks like he has a lot of videos up. Really cool stuff.



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I've dabbled a bit in RC helicopters. A good friend of mine has about 10 of various sizes and is pro level. After about 5 crashes and a couple thousand dollars later I gave them up. I can hover around with them as long as I keep the nose pointed away from me, but I am 3rd person retarded and can't seem to figure out which control movements to make when it's faceing different directions. At one point I felt I was doing pretty good, I could make it do a racetrack pattern in front of me, but then I got disoriented and lost it. I think FPV goggles would be a game changer. I wonder how much that setup cost?

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Here is a similiar one but in a waaaaaay more spectacular setting using a quadrocopter!


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The reason I eventually started taking helicopter lessons was because I started with RC helicopters and fell in love with all things helicopter. Using a simulator definitely saves a lot of time and money learning how to fly "nose in" and other 3rd person angles.


Here's my all time favorite FPV video with an actual single rotor RC heli. It's SD and not nearly as smooth as the one above, but cool to know that an amateur was able to put this video together. At 2:08 he comes across a hiker at the top of a mountain, who I'm sure is wondering how a tiny unmanned helicopter got there.



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