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Can anyone recommend a medium lift operator near Binghamton NY


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A friend of mine in the pipeline industry out east needs to have a 6000 lbs drill dropped at a site near Binghamton. He asked me if I knew of an outfit with a helicopter big enough for the job, and I'm not familiar with any operators out that way. Anyone have any recommendations?


6,000+ pounds. is a bit more than a medium ship can lift. Most operators that require their rigs to be moved to remote areas on a regular basis, break them down into 3 – 5 pieces or sections. It’s much easer and cheaper to find a medium (UH-1) or light (Astar/407) to make the lifts. In short order, they can have the rig reassembled and ready to go.


If they can’t or don’t have the ability to breakdown the rig, looks like a S-61 or Bell 214. Often the ferry (to get to your location) cost more than the lift when it comes to Heavy-lift helicopters.


The 8,000+ pound rig below can be broke-down and moved in sections.







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